Week 5 theme: Funside Festival (Campers’ Choice 2024 1st place)

Week 5 theme: Funside Festival (Campers’ Choice 2024 1st place)

Summer at Funside Balaton is here for you again: a week where it’s all about music and fun! Let’s meet at this year’s Campers’ Choice winner theme, the Funside Festival week, where we’ll say goodbye to summer 2024 with a fun-filled week!

Lights, party, good vibes, the music never stops. We are looking forward to Day 0 of the Festival: the Camp Opening Ceremony on Sunday. 

The week starts with the popular Wall Street Trade-Off program, where you can test your trading skills in the Festival Palace. Which team will earn the most tokens during the afternoon? Afterwards, we’ll welcome you to this year’s debut Music Night. Once the beat starts, there’s no turning back. Sing, dance, play music and have fun!

On Tuesday, you can become a lifesize board game figurine in the “All in” Lifesize Board Game, where you will have to go through a giant track. Creativity will be a real weapon in this game, and you are the key player. Are you ready to rock the night? After the lifesize board game, we’ll take you on a Night Adventure into the nearby forest, for which you’ll want to get your vocal cords ready now, no one can get through this day without singing along.

On Wednesday, we will take the Funside festival bus and we will not stop until we get to the beach at Vonyarcvashegy, where the Wibit course awaits all festival-goers who want to swim and play. A good atmosphere is guaranteed throughout the evening. In the Beat that! program teamwork is the key: complete the fun and playful tasks that come your way as quickly and creatively as possible.

We’ll make sure to be in the books this year again – stay tuned to find out how! Be part of an unforgettable afternoon at our returning National Record Attempt after several years, with the Hungarian Records Registrar® on site to document the events. The theme of the record attempt will be revealed later! 

Your voices are still ringing in our ears when we finally got together for BINGO in the past years! This summer we are waiting for you in a special setting, on the sandy beach of Lake Balaton under the stars, for Beach Bingo. No festival should be without this program, and we are already getting ready to color the camp with you again on Friday at the Color run. The “safety car” is already in place, so when the drop begins, you can start running in the powder. 

After the big color party, in the evening we will reach the end of not only the Festival week, but also the ’24 Funside Balaton camp. Be a part of the frenetic atmosphere of the Closing Party and come and dance the night away with us one last time this year.

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