Water Sports Camp

Water polo, water volleyball, water basketball and many more water sports - at Funside Balaton!

Funside Balaton international camp welcomes campers aged 8-17 for 5 weeks. You can choose two out of 27 different activities for your morning programme, and for the rest of the day we will prepare a varied and exciting programme of games, afternoon and evening activities. The Balaton beach and the fun atmosphere are guaranteed all summer long, so don't miss out!

About the education

Can’t choose between our sports and water activities? We’ve combined the two for you, so you can be in the water and play your favourite team games at Funside Balaton’s newest sports camp, which is none other than Water sports. Our aim is to give our campers a taste of today’s most popular water sports during the session. This will not only focus on water polo but also on volleyball, basketball, frisbee, and other water-based versions of the increasingly popular racket sports that are taking off around the world. Every morning, our campers can enjoy the sunshine and the open air, playing sports in the waves of Lake Balaton.

For safety reasons, students must be able to swim in order to take part in the water sports classes.

The classes consist of 2 hours of active learning from Monday to Friday mornings. With Funside’s unique combination system, you can choose something else, such as English or DJ, for the other 2 hours, so you can try two different activities in 10-10 hours a week.

Which classes can be combined with?

Free time games and activities

Each week has different free-time activities. Check out the detailed schedule for each week here...

Weekly schedule

More information

Language of the classes

Hungarian, English

Age limits

12 - 17

Teacher to children ratio

1 to 5


In groups of 5 to 15 kids


1, 2, 3, 4, 5




Full board, special dietary meals available

Prices and application deadlines

from EUR 599 / person / session

220 000 Ft

The price below is the basic camp fee, which includes a combination of two classes with a basic fee, if you choose a classes with an extra fee, the higher fee will be added to the basic fee, for details click here. For more details, please see the prices page.

More about prices and accepted cheques

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