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Funside Budapest registration

Registration process

1. Filling out the sign-up form

Registration happens through our online sign-up form below. Places are available in limited numbers, the registration process ends when all places for a given camp are filled up. Once we have received your registration, we will book your place at the camp. No camp fees must be paid until government measures are announced on summer camps, allowing the camps to go ahead. 

Please note: when choosing your classes on the sign-up form, the order of the choices (within the same week) will not affect the actual order of your classes (e.g. if you would like to pick a combination of English and Tennis, it doesn’t matter if you select English first or Tennis first, it will not affect the final order of your camp timetable).

2. Confirmation and camp fees

Once we have received your online registration form, our system will send you a confirmation email within the next few days, to the parents’ email addresses provided on the sign-up form (each sign-up form is personally checked by our team). The confirmation email will also include all necessary information regarding the methods of payment. Our booking system will hold your place for three weeks, starting from the time of confirmation. During this time (but no later then a week before your first camp, whichever comes first) you may complete your registration to the camp by paying the camp fees. If you are unable to complete the payments during this period, you may request us to hold your place for an extended period.

Camp Policy

When signing up you must accept our Camp Policy and Parental Disclaimer Agreement. The Camp Policy at Villányi str. can be read here, and at Lupa Beach can be read there. The General Terms and Conditions at Villányi str. can be read here., and at Lupa Beach can be read there. Our Privacy Policy can be read here.

Funside Budapest registration form 2024

The 2024 registration is expected to start in mid-February, information on applications will be available in January.

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