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English Camp

Learn English at our international summer camp by Lake Balaton

Combine English with one of several other classes and try a long list of exciting free time activities this summer

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Funside Balaton international camp welcomes campers aged 8-17 for 5 weeks. You can choose two out of 26 different activities for your morning programme, and for the rest of the day we will prepare a varied and exciting programme of games, afternoon and evening activities. The Balaton beach and the fun atmosphere are guaranteed all summer long, so don't miss out!

About the education

Our English as a second language (ESL) classes are interactive and practical to encourage learning in a playful way, as it is most suitable for a fun, summer camp environment. The camp is international, with kids representing several countries each year, so you can practice what you learned in real life conversations. Classes are available from beginner to advanced levels every week, so you can always find the right group for you. Weekly sessions start with a short placement test, then the classes are made up of friendly and speaking-oriented exercises and activities. At the end of the weekly sessions, we provide feedback about your in-class performance, through the teacher’s assessment form and a video recording of the group project.

English classes take two 120-minute lessons each day, Monday through Friday, in small classes (4 to 8 students per class), based on language level and age. A week-long camp has up to 20, while a two-week ‘long camp’ has up to 40 hours worth of classes. If you would like to combine the English program with another subject, for instance Windsurfing, then you will have one 120-minute class of English and one 120-minute class of Windsurfing.

Weekly group work and presentations

At the Funside Balaton English and Native English Camps we work with our own project-based curriculum. During the first three days of each session we cover new material relating to the Theme of the Week through playful and speaking-oriented exercises, then in the second half of the week we start working on a group project, which is then performed by the class in English in front of our other English groups. The group work may be a live play, a short video or a creative work. All presentations are recorded on video, so that you and your family can watch them after the camp. 

Other English Camp options

The English Camp is ideal for levels Starter to A2. If you are already at a pre-intermediate level (A2 to B2) and would like to study English with native English teachers from English-speaking countries, try our Native English Camp. If you are past intermediate level (B1 to B2) and looking to practice your spoken English skills through creative activities in a “language immersion” setting, try our English Drama Camp.

Which classes can be combined with?

Free time games and activities

Weekly schedule

More information

Language of the classes


Age limits

8 - 17

Teacher to children ratio

1 to 5


In groups of 4 to 8 kids


1, 2, 3, 4, 5,




Full board, special dietary meals available

Prices and application deadlines

EUR 525 / person / session

199 900 Ft

The price below is the basic camp fee, which includes a combination of two classes with a basic fee, if you choose a classes with an extra fee, the higher fee will be added to the basic fee, for details click here. For returning discounts and more details, please see the prices page.

More about prices and accepted cheques

Registration starts on the 21st of March at midday. Please click here to see the list of classes and weeks that are still available.

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