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German Camp

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German Camp

Learn German as a second language at the Funside Balaton international camp this summer, in a friendly environment close to the beach.

Combine your German lessons with Sports, Dance, English or one of many more options, with great free time activities.

Basic Information

Overnight summer camp
1, 2, 4, 5, Learn more
Balatongyörök, Lake BalatonLearn more
8-17 Learn more
In groups of 4 to 8 kids
8 kids per group Learn more
1 to 5 Learn more
Full board, special dietary meals available Learn more
Online or at our Budapest offices Learn more


German as a second language classes take two 120-minute lessons a day in small classes (4 to 8 students per class), based on language level and age, from Monday to Friday, each week at the camp. Our classes are always interactive and interesting, encouraging learning in an entertaining way, as it is most suitable for summer camps. The themes and activities in the classes vary from week to week. At the end of the weekly sessions, we provide feedback about your in-class performance, through the teacher’s assessment form, as well as through the ‘Stationarbeit’, a week-ending game of puzzles and exercises broken down to different stations, based on the what was covered in the classes throughout the week.

At the Funside Balaton German Camp, we work with our own project-based curriculum, so all learning material is provided by us. German classes take two 120-minute lessons each day, Monday through Friday, in small classes (4 to 8 students per class), based on language level and age. A week-long camp has up to 20, while a two-week ‘long camp’ has up to 40 hours worth of classes. If you would like to combine the German program with another subject, for instance windsurfing, then you will have one 120-minute class of German and one 120-minute class of windsurfing each day. (See the full list of possible camp combinations below.)

Free time games and activities

Each week has different free-time activities. Check out the detailed schedule for each week here...

Sign up

Registration started on February 21. Please click here to see the list of classes and weeks that are still available.

Price: EUR 310

More about prices and accepted cheques

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