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Hungarian Summer Day Camp

Available at our two Budapest locations, from 7-14 years old!

About the education

Funside is proud to have served the local international community since 2007, teaching languages and embracing cultural diversity. Our Hungarian as a second language classes are a popular choice with children of expatriates, as well as families with Hungarian roots, living abroad.

We have two Hungarian classes a day (10 hours a week), with lots of games, competitions and fun exercises in small groups (4 to 7 children/group). Our teachers are friendly and experienced, and they also speak English. The lessons are held in the garden and indoor areas of our District 11 venue. All necessary equipment is provided. Available levels may vary from week to week based on demand, so please get in touch with our team to inquire about current levels.

Which classes can be combined with?

You can choose 2 different classes for each week of camp. The session combinations vary from site to site, for more information visit the camp site pages.

At which of our locations is it available?

5 - 11 years old

Funside - Villányi street

5 to 6 years old

Funside Mini (English and Art & crafts)

7 to 11 years old

Hungarian as a foreign language
Arts & Crafts
English language
Robotics: LEGO WeDo
LEGO Movie Maker
Padel tennis
8 - 16 years old

Funside - Lupa Beach

Language Camps

Hungarian as a foreign language
English language

Sports Camps

Beach sports
Water Sports

Art & Craft camps

Beach Arts & Crafts

More information

Language of the classes

Hungarian, English


from EUR 210

Teacher to children ratio

1 to 5


In groups of 2 to 4 kids


It depends on the location

Age limits

Villányi street: 7 - 11,

Lupa Beach: 8 - 14


Full board, special dietary meals available

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camps@funside.hu +36 70 512 12 45