Camp Policy

Funside Balaton Camp Policy

It is in our collective interest at the camp to know, to understand and to obey the camp policy, in order to make our camp as convenient and safe as possible. Therefore this policy is mandatory for all campers.

Campers must not:

  • bring into the camp area or the organized lessons things or materials that can harm life, health and body, including tools that can cause or start fire.
  • bring cigarettes, alcohol or any other illegal things into the camp. These objects or materials will be taken from the campers and – if the law permits it- at the end of the camp will be given back to the parents.
  • leave the area without the Camp Leaders’ permission.
  • go into Lake Balaton without the Camp Leaders’ permission.
  • leave their group during a lesson without their teacher’s permission.
  • be a danger to either other campers or teachers. To fight or to cause any harm to any other person. This is considered as a severe offence.
  • seriously disturb other campers intentionally.
  • wear jewels during sport lessons, because of safety reasons.
  • keep perishables in their room.

Campers must:

  • declare any permanent or continuously cured sickness, allergy, food or medicine sensitivity
  • keep all precautionary health measures.
  • inform the closest adult/teacher/Camp Leader about any accident, danger or fire that he is aware of as soon as possible; non-stop medical assistance is provided at the camp
  • take part in lessons and behave adequately
  • look after the buildings and equipment of the camp and their own valuables; campers are responsible for rented objects. Any damage caused to these object, equipment or buildings has to be refunded by the person who caused the damage. The value of these objects can be found in the Policy of the venue (Györöki Ifitábor, Balatongyörök, Hungary)
  • Deadline for all payments of camp fees: 31 May 2021

Supervision of valuables:

  • campers are allowed to bring valuables (watch, laptop, mobile, jewels) or cash into the camp, but Camp Leaders only take responsibility if these objects are lodged in the Camp Leaders’ room; any other solutions (eg. keeping things mentioned above in the campers’ room) are not accepted and the Camp Leaders do not take any responsibility; lodging in and out is possible at the Camp Leaders’ office every day from 7:30 to 8:00, from 14:00 to1 5:00, and from 18:30 to 19:00.
  • we are able to provide a limited number of laptops with internet connection for the campers

Dining and food:

  • campers get full board and drinks, besides snacks (fruits) and drinking water; we kindly ask you not to send any extra and perishable food with the campers.
  • From 2020, there is a 4th meal that our campers receive every day apart from breakfast, warm lunch and warm dinner.

Language requirements for admittance:

Children must have at least a basic level (A2 or lower-intermediate) of spoken English (or Hungarian) to attend our camps, in order to be able to communicate with our staff. In case the child does not possess the necessary level of spoken English (or Hungarian) then child will not be admitted to the camp for safety reasons.


In case of cancellation due to illness or any other reason prior to the camp, the Camp Organizers will try their best to find someone from the waiting list to take over the place in question. If another Child (a newly signed up camper or someone from our waiting list) is able to take the place of the Child at the camp, then only the 5% service fee is charged, the remainder of the standard camp fees is fully refunded. If the cancelled camp is a premium camp, then then ‘extra fee’ of the premium class (e.g. the extra cost of Windsurfing, Horseback riding etc.) is only refunded if the newly signed up camper chooses the same class; otherwise this cost is not refunded. In order to have the best chance of a full refund, it is best to notify the Organizers as early as possible about a potential cancellation. It’s never a good idea to join the camp while being ill – should this be the case, please get in touch with our team as early as possible so that we can find the best solution for you.

In case the Organizers are unable to fill the place in question (there is nobody on the waiting list able to take over the place), then due to the costs regarding housing, meals, personal costs etc. in connection with that place already partially or fully spent, refunds may only be issued with the following conditions:
 – A 95% of the full camp fee is refunded if the cancellation happens up to the Monday two weeks before the given camp week (only a 5% service fee is charged from the full camp fee). If the cancellation happens following this date but up to the Wednesday before the given camp week, then 80% of the full camp fee is refunded. Any cancellation that happens from Thursday to Saturday before the given week permits a 50% refund of the camp fees. In case of no show or a withdrawal from the camp after the camp week has begun, no refund is issued.
 – In case a camper keeps their booking but cancels or substitutes a ‘premium fee’ class (e.g. Windsurfing, Horseback riding etc.) up to the Monday two weeks before the given camp week, the full cost of the extra fee is refunded. If the cancellation happens following this date but up to the Wednesday before the given camp week, then 80% of the extra fee is refunded. Any cancellation that happens from Thursday to Saturday before the given week permits a 50% refund of the extra fees. In case the class is cancelled by the camper or the parent on the first day of camp, or later, then no refund is issued for the extra fee.

In the case of the Camper getting ill during the Camp, forcing them to leave the Camp or spending time in isolation within the Camp, the Organisers cannot be held responsible and the illness does not provide ground for a refund.

If the authorities impose mandatory quarantine on the Camper and thus they cannot continue participating in a week which has already begun, there is no ground for a refund.

Cancellations must always be made in writing. Refunds are then issued within 30 days of the cancellation to the person who made the original payment.

Possible instances for the cancellation of the camp and possible following action

In the case that sleepover camps are legally prohibited to be organised and this decision is announced prior to 1 June 2021, anyone who has already made a payment is eligible for a total refund or a voucher of the same value to be redeemed in 2022. The voucher cannot be exchanged to cash.

In the case that sleepover camps are legally prohibited to be organised and this decision is announced later on 1 June 2021 or later, the Organisers shall receive a voucher with the same value as the payments that had already been made. These can be redeemed in 2022 and are not exchangeable for cash.

Offences of Policy:

  • A serious offence of against the policy will automatically result in the cancellation of the camper’s stay and the camper will be sent back home.
  • The price of the camp will not be refunded and the decision cannot be appealed.
  • In case a camper is suspended from the camp and sent home, the camp has the right to deny subsequent applications from the camper to re-join the camp in future sessions.

Parents are able:

  • Due to the pandemic in 2021, parents CANNOT visit Campers inbetween weeks.
  • to ask, complain or announce anything to the Camp Leaders

Other regulations:

Each issue that is not mentioned here is handled according to the Policy of the Györöki Ifitábor, Balatongyörök, Hungary, or to the contemporary regulations/laws of the Civil Code of Hungary.

Data given during application are handled confidentially and is never given out to a third party.

This policy is part of the application form, campers and their parents ensure with their signatures that they have read, understood and accepted it.

Valid from 26 January 2021 until recalled.

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