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SUP Summer Day Camp

Join us at Lupa Beach this summer

About the education

Try one of the coolest trends of recent years at Lupa Beach summer day camp! Rule the water in the easiest way possible: in our brand new SUP-camp, you can practice paddling, which, apart from being one of our most relaxing courses, can help you improve your balance and stability. Our coaching team are dedicated to help you learn everything in our 1,5 hours long daily classes to make sure you go home as a SUPerstar! Don’t worry if you’ve tried it before: we adjust our exercises and games according to all levels individually.

All equipment is provided by us at no extra cost. Wet suits are also available on request for cooler days, also included in the camp fee. For safety reasons, it is mandatory to wear a safety vest for in-water training (the vests are also provided) and students must be able to swim in order to take part in SUP classes.

Which classes can be combined with?

You can choose 2 different classes for each week of camp. The session combinations vary from site to site, for more information visit the camp site pages.

At which of our locations is it available?

8 - 16 years old

Funside - Lupa Beach

Language Camps

Hungarian as a foreign language
English language

Sports Camps

Beach sports
Water Sports

Art & Craft camps

Beach Arts & Crafts

More information

Language of the classes

Hungarian, English


from EUR 275

Teacher to children ratio

1 to 5


In groups of 2 to 4 kids


It depends on the location

Age limits

Lupa Beach: 8 - 16,

Gellért square: 8 - 16


Full board, special dietary meals available

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camps@funside.hu +36 70 512 12 45