Camp Policy

Funside Budapest Camp Policy

It is in our collective interest at the camp to know, to understand and to obey the camp policy, in order to make our camp as convenient and safe as possible. Therefore this policy is mandatory for all campers.

Campers must not:

  • bring into the camp area or the organized lessons things or materials that can harm life, health and body, including tools that can cause or start fire.
  • leave the area without the Camp Leaders’ permission.
  • leave their group during a lesson without their teacher’s permission.
  • be a danger to either other campers or teachers. To fight or to cause any harm to any other person. This is considered as a severe offence.
  • campers must not wear any items of clothing that feature offensive language or are too revealing or inappropriate for a children’s camp in any way.
  • seriously disturb other campers.
  • wear jewels during sport lessons, because of safety reasons.
  • have the ability to use the restroom independently.

Campers must:

  • declare any permanent or continuously cured sickness, allergy, food or medicine sensitivity
  • inform the closest adult/teacher/Camp Leader about any accident, danger or fire that he is aware of as soon as possible; non-stop medical assistance is provided at the camp
  • take part in lessons and behave adequately
  • look after the buildings and equipment of the camp and their own valuables; campers are responsible for rented objects. Any damage caused to these object, equipment or buildings has to be refunded by the person who caused the damage. The value of these objects can be found in the Policy of the venue (Flamenco Tennis Hall, Budapest, Hungary)

Dining and food:

Campers get full board and drinks, besides snacks (fruits) and drinking water.

Language requirements:

  • The two official languages of our camp are English and Hungarian, so a basic knowledge of at least one of these languages (A1) is mandatory to participate in the camp. This is important so that campers can communicate with our teachers, let us know if they have any problems, understand the rules and the programme, and feel completely safe during the camp.

Cancelling due to illness or any other reason:

In case the child gets sick during or before the camp, or has to cancel the stay for any other reason, the camp leaders try their best reimburse the child and their family, or to offer a change of week, given that there are available places remaining. In case of cancellation, the following rules apply: You can cancel your week until 5 pm on the last Wednesday before your week for any reason and you will get a full refund. Please keep your bill. If you cancel for any reason after this time, we may only be able to give a partial refund. You may also have your week rescheduled. Please consult with our team for more information.

In the case of the Camper getting ill during the Camp, forcing them to leave the Camp or spending time in isolation within the Camp, the Organisers cannot be held responsible and the illness does not provide ground for a refund.

If the authorities impose mandatory quarantine on the Camper and thus they cannot continue participating in a week which has already begun, there is no ground for a refund.

All changes to be possibly made due to legal/public health instructions do not provide grounds for a refund or an extraordinary cancellation.

Offences of Policy:

  • Funside reserves the rights to apply the following sanctions in case a camper breaks the rules listed in the Camp Policy, behaves in an aggressive way or inflicts danger upon themselves or others, or when our staff deems it necessary for behavioral reasons, the camper may be temporarily kept from taking part in any given class or activity.
  • In case a child breaks the camp rules multiple times, or once in a serious way, the child may be expelled from the camp and may be sent home immediately without even a partial refund of the camp fees.
  • If a camper is expelled, the parents of the camper must organize the camper’s immediate travel home from the camp at their own cost.
  • Funside reserves the right to possibly deny the future registration of a camper who was previously sanctioned for behavioral issues.

Parents may:

  • Ask, complain to or inform the Camp Leaders at their own convenience. 

Other regulations:

  • No teacher whose child attends the camp as a camper is allowed to work or volunteer at the camp during that week, unless a special permission is granted by the camp directors.
  • Each issue that is not mentioned here is handled according to the policy of the venue or the current regulations and laws of the Civil Code of Hungary.
  • We urge campers choosing sports activities to bring a baseball cap to class, as the heat is just as dangerous as the cold weather.

Information provided by the Parents during application are handled confidentially and is never given out to a third party.

This policy is part of the application form, campers and their parents ensure with their signatures that they have read, understood and accepted it.

Valid from: February 01, 2024.

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