Funside Balaton registration

Registration process

1. Filling out the sign-up form

Registration happens through our online sign-up form below. Places are available in limited numbers (Funside Balaton is fully sold out every year), the registration process ends when all places for a given camp are filled up. When a session (week) or class type is full, a waiting list is opened.

Please note: when choosing your classes on the sign-up form, the order of the choices (within the same week) will not affect the actual order of your classes (e.g. if you would like to pick a combination of English and Tennis, it doesn’t matter if you select English first or Tennis first, it will not affect the final order of your camp timetable).

2. Confirmation and camp fees

Once we have received your online registration form, our system will send you a confirmation email to the parents’ email addresses provided on the sign-up form (each sign-up form is also manually checked by our team) usually within the next few days – thank you for your patience! The confirmation email will also include all necessary information regarding the means of payment. Our booking system will hold your place for the next 3 weeks, starting from the time of confirmation. During this time you may complete your registration to the camp by paying the camp fees. If you are unable to complete the payments during this period, you may request us to hold your place for a limited additional period.

General Terms and Conditions, Camp Policy and Privacy

When signing up, you must accept our Camp Policy, as well as the General Terms and Conditions, a copy of which must also be signed on the first day of camp by the parent or contact person. The General Terms and Conditions can be read here. The Camp Policy can be read here. Our Privacy Policy can be read here.


If you cancel your application no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of the given week, you are entitled to a 95% refund (with the deduction of 5% for commission fees). More information on later cancellations can be found in our Terms and Conditions.


In case overnight (sleepover) camps become legally prohibited by the Hungarian government in 2022, and therefore the camp cannot go ahead this year, and this legal measure takes effect prior to 1 June 2022, anyone who has already made a payment is eligible for a full refund, or a voucher for next year’s camp of the same value, whichever one the payer prefers. The voucher cannot be later exchanged to cash.

In case overnight (sleepover) camps become legally prohibited by the Hungarian government in 2022, and therefore the camp cannot go ahead this year, and this legal measure takes effect on 1 June 2022 or later, anyone who has already made a payment will receive a voucher of the same value. The voucher can be redeemed in 2023, for Funside Balaton summer camps. The voucher cannot be exchanged to cash.

If the authorities impose mandatory quarantine on the Camper and thus they cannot continue participating in a week which has already begun, there is no ground for a refund.


The Camp Organizers encourage all participants to obtain vaccinations against the coronavirus in the interest of their own health and that of other children and adults attending the Camp. However, in the absence of any legal provision to this effect, the Camp Organizers will not make the possession of a coronavirus vaccination or vaccination card in the Camp compulsory for campers under 18 years of age, for the 2022 camp season.


All safety measures introduced in the last two season be in place for 2022. These have allowed us to ensure the safety of our campers and staff members and received positive response from everyone taking part.

However, due to the uncertainty of the current health situation, the organisers reserve the right to adjust these rules according to the current trends. These may be adjusted no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of a given week.

All changes to be possibly made due to legal/public health instructions do not provide grounds for a refund or an emergency cancellation.

All information regarding health and safety will be sent to the parents two weeks prior to the start of a given week in our usual Parent’s Guide email.

Latest information according to the registration:

Week 2., 3., 4. and 5 is already full.


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