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Funside Balaton registration

Registration process

1. Filling out the online sign-up form

Registration happens through our online sign-up form below. Places are available in limited numbers (Funside Balaton is fully sold out every year), the registration process ends when all places for a given session are filled up. When a session (week) or class type is full, a waiting list is opened.

The sign-up process starts on Tuesday, March 21 at midday, local time (GMT +1): the sign-up form will be available below, on this page, starting at this time. As in previous years, we are expecting a rush on the first day. Update: registration has begun, places for some sessions and classes are already limited (please see more details here).

Please note: when choosing your classes on the sign-up form, the order of the choices (within the same week) will not affect the actual order of your classes (e.g. if you would like to pick a combination of English and Tennis, it doesn’t matter if you select English first or Tennis first, it will not affect the final order of your camp timetable).

2. Confirmation and camp fees

Once we have received your online registration form, our system will send you a confirmation email to the parents’ email addresses provided on the sign-up form (each sign-up form is also manually checked by our team) usually within the next few days – thank you for your patience! The confirmation email will also include all necessary information regarding the means of payment. Our booking system will hold your place for the next 3 weeks, starting from the time of confirmation. During this time you may complete your registration to the camp by paying the camp fee (or the first instalment). If you are unable to complete the payment during this period, you may request us to hold your place for a limited additional period.

General Terms and Conditions, Camp Policy, Privacy Polic

When signing up, you must accept our Camp Policy, as well as the General Terms and Conditions, a copy of which must also be signed on the first day of camp by the parent or contact person. The General Terms and Conditions can be read here. The Camp Policy can be read here. Our Privacy Policy can be read here.

Early Bird discount for returning campers

To be eligible for the early bird discount for returning campers, please tick the “Returning camper” box on the sign-up form. (If you miss this, it’s not a disqualifying factor, as our system will also check eligibility, but it will greatly assist our work. Thank you!) The early bird discount is conditional on the payment of the camp fee (or the first instalment) by April 10 at the latest!  Returning campers are those who had previously participated in at least one Funside Balaton session as a camper (in 2022 or before).

Payment by instalments or by SZÉP Card

If you would like to pay the camp fee in instalments of up to 3 months (3 equal instalments), please write instalment payment in the Notes, comments field at the bottom of the sign-up form.

If you are employed in Hungary and eligible for SZÉP Card, and would like to pay for all or part of the camp fee this way, please choose SZÉP Card in the Means of payment field at the bottom of the sign-up form.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel your application no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of the given week, you are entitled to a 95% refund (with the deduction of 5% for commission fees). More information on later cancellations can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Covid-related precautionary health measures

For camping, vaccination against COVID-19 is not required at this time.

The preventive measures successfully implemented at the previous three Funside summer camps will be applied and adhered to this summer, and the safety of our campers will remain our top priority.

Hygiene, cleaning and general preventative measures (in addition to the rules and recommendations issued by the National Center for Public Health) will continue to be enforced throughout our camps:

  • More intensive cleaning and disinfection during and between the sessions.
  • More hand sanitizing stations in the camp area.
  • Strengthening daily communication on the importance of personal hygiene, hand washing and ventilation.
  • All campers are asked to bring their own lockable canteen – with their name on it – to camp again this year.
  • If you are sick, you are not allowed to start the camp.

It is important to note that the current epidemiological situation does not warrant a stricter policy, but the Camp organizers reserve the right to tighten or weaken the rules and regulations for safe camping and participation in accordance with the epidemiological situation and the law.

The following measures have been drawn up in consultation with company doctors and in accordance with official regulations and recommendations. Where necessary, the following measures will be introduced:

Arrival, departure:

  • The priority is to ensure that only campers and staff who are not infectious diseases are allowed to start the camp, so an extended health declaration and, if necessary, symptom check will be applied on arrival and members of our teaching team will undergo a pre-arrival medical examination by a company doctor.
  • Where necessary to reduce indoor contact numbers, campers and camp staff will be allowed access to camp buildings, including during arrival and departure, and check-in and check-out will be outdoors only, weather permitting.
  • Where necessary to reduce contact numbers and avoid queuing, arrival and check-in and check-out and departure will be under controlled entry and in this case we ask that, if possible, campers are accompanied to camp by one parent (preferably not a grandparent).


  • If a camper is unable to start a particular session due to illness – or leaves a session once started due to illness – they may return only if they have a doctor’s note confirming the child is fully recovered and the infectious condition has resolved, on a form provided by the camp, with the details requested by the camp.
  • Special case management: priority is given to the protection of children and adults from vulnerable groups. A camper or teacher who is in a higher risk group for possible complications (e.g., undergoing immunosuppressive or steroid treatment, severely allergic or asthmatic, etc.) may attend camp only after consultation with his/her treating physician and with the physician’s consent, which must be verified.


  • For children arriving from abroad or returning from abroad during the two weeks prior to the camp, the current regulations for entry from the country in question (e.g. quarantine) must not be violated, even for the sake of camping. (Compliance with this must be certified by the parent on arrival by completing the declaration provided by the camp.)
  • Campers arriving at the camp by public transport must comply with the health regulations in force at the time of travel, i.e. if required by the regulations in force at the time of travel, they must wear a mouth mask and observe the protective distance during the journey.

Precautionary measures may still be subject to change in the light of the current epidemic situation and/or changes in legislation, but these do not constitute grounds for extraordinary cancellation or withdrawal.

Get in touch

The easiest way to reach our team on the day of the application is to call our phone numbers or use the Messenger app. In the meantime, please feel free to contact our team at camps@funside.hu with any questions!

The Messenger app will be on special standby during the weekend before the application (18-19 March), so you can still reach us with your questions this weekend.

Phone numbers to call on the first day of the sign-up process:


Sign-up form 2024

The 2024 application is expected to open at the end of February, information on the application will be available in January.

The availability of each class is up-to-date on the application form below (for classes that are already sold out, it is necessary to choose a replacement class on the form below). The application for the replacement class will be confirmed, and a place will be allocated on the waiting list for your original choice. (We will notify you later, if a place becomes available.)

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