Balatongyörök, Lake Balaton

Funside Balaton camp venue, Hungary

Funside Balaton international camps have been located in the town of Balatongyorok, at the Western edge of Central Europe's largest lake, Lake Balaton, in Hungary. Our venue is next to the Balaton Imperial Golf Club.

The venue is only 100 meters from the beach and the sports facilities, making it a really convenient choice for our campers. Funside is the single occupant of its venue for the duration of our camps: we have all buildings and facilities only to ourselves for the entire 5-week period of Funside Balaton. For travel arrangements, we have optional bus transfers from Budapest, as well as from the Budapest Airport and from the Balaton-Heviz Airport.

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Our rooms are all located in convenient buildings (not cabins), in rooms of 3, 4, 5 or 6 beds. Our rooms are comfortable, all beds are single (not bunk). Our venue has its own catering service: all our meals are prepared on site.

Main building

4, 5 and 6-bed bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, in a two-story building. The majority of the rooms are in this building. More photos...

New building

This building, fully renovated in June 2013, has 3, 4 and 5-bed bedrooms, with separate girls' wing and boys' wings. There are shared bathrooms in this building, which are right next to the rooms within each wing, in an apartment-style layout. There are fewer rooms here (12 rooms). More photos...


Sports facilities

Our venue has a beach volleyball, football and basketball courts at our disposal, at all times. The tennis classes are held at the courts right next door from the camp, while the golf classes are held at the golf club at Zala Springs Golf Resort at Zalacsány. Our horseback riding classes are at the nearest riding center (7 km from the camp venue), while the windsurfing classes are held at the town's official beach.

Theater and other facilities

Besides the classes listed above, all other lessons and activities are held at the classrooms, as well as the indoors and outdoors theaters, inside the venue. The nearest beach is located only 100 meters from the camp, at the camping center located right next door. Inside the venue, we provide wireless (WI-FI) internet access to our campers, free of charge.


We provide three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and drinks and fruit throughout the day. In recent years we have introduced a "Snack Point" which provides a fourth optional meal for our campers. On the day of arrival (Sunday), campers will be served a hot meal for dinner first, and on arrival, everyone will be served delicious sandwiches and pastries. On departure day (Saturday), campers will be served breakfast and sandwiches for lunch. Other than a soft drink and a small chocolate bar on the first day, we do not recommend bringing food to camp. Campers may use the buffet at the times indicated during the day.

Meals of choice

  • Regular menu
  • Vegetarian menu
  • Regular without pork menu
  • Lactose-free menu (will send doctor's note in email)
  • Milk protein-free menu (will send doctor's note in email)
  • Gluten-free menu (non-celiac, so cross-contamination is not a problem; will send doctor's note in email)
  • Gluten-free menu (celiac, cross-contamination-free menu necessary; will send doctor's note in email)
  • NON-severe allergy to peanuts or other nuts (may eat food labelled 'contains traces of nuts')
  • Other special dietary needs - if feasible (contact and doctor's note necessary)

*Important: when applying, please note that campers eat in the same place as other campers, so even in the case of cross-contamination-free meals prepared in a separate kitchen, it is not 100% certain that gluten is not in the air.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide:

  • Vegan meals
  • Cross-contamination-free meals for campers with severe allergies to peanuts or other nuts

All our campers who for health reasons need a lactose-free, milk protein-free, gluten-free or completely individual diet will receive hot meals from a specialised external supplier. All this is available in limited quantities, subject to medical certification, but at the same price as the normal menu. Considering the range of suppliers, the fulfilment of an individual diet must be subject to special assessment in each case, so please contact us by email as soon as possible if you are concerned! If a special diet is not required due to a health problem, we can provide the "basic" menus for our campers, which are: regular, vegetarian and regular without pork. It is possible to change the menu in writing at the latest by the Monday of the week preceding the session. No changes will be possible on the spot.

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