LEGO Movie Maker Summer Day Camp

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Basic information

Summer day camp
Hungarian Learn more
8 am to 5 pm (arrival: 8 to 9 am; pick-up: 4 to 5 pm)
Funside Budapest Gellért square Learn more
In groups of 2 to 4 kids
Full board, special dietary meals available Learn more
Online or at our Budapest offices Learn more


We have brought Lego Movie Maker, a playful introduction to creative processes to the repertoir of our day camps. In this camp, we are using the well-known tools and figures of Lego as well as educational applications to create stop-motion videos individually. Throughout the week, we gradually get to know more about the basics of movie-making, so the conceptions we learn from each other can help our campers make their own storyboard, pick their characters, organise their scenery and shoot their masterpiece.

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