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New at Funside Budapest: programming and updated robotics classes

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New at Funside Budapest: programming and updated robotics classes

Our Robotics classes feature an all new curriculum this year, built on the renowned LEGO Education platform, while for the first time ever, we offer Programming classes as well.

For the first time at our Budapest day camp, programming classes are available all summer: our campers will be learning how to code in a playful way, using Scratch and other block-based programming platforms. Our coding classes are available for 7 to 12 year-old children during all 10 weeks of this year’s camp but places are limited, so early sign-up is advised. Learn more about our Programming Day Camp here.

Also available this year is our robotics class, which we introduced in 2016, but which will have an all new curriculum for this summer. Based on the WeDo 2.0 learning platform, developed by LEGO Education, these classes teach robotics to our young campers who will not only build modular robots but also program them using tablets, introducing them to computational thinking in a fun way. This class is available for 7 weeks this summer, up from the previous 3 weeks last year. Learn more about our Robotics Day Camp here.

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