“What to pack?” – Frequently asked questions

What to pack?

You will need to bring sports clothing for the tennis classes, including indoors trainers or tennis shoes and a tennis racket. If you don’t have a tennis racket, you can rent one on the spot free of charge. If the child would like to take a shower after the tennis classes, please bring a towel and slippers. You don’t need to pack any food or beverages, nor do you need to bring anything for the language classes: we provide all necessary equipment.

My child doesn’t speak Hungarian. Is this a problem?

Absolutely not. All of our teachers, including the tennis coaches, can speak English at least at an intermediate level or higher, and we regularly have kids from foreign countries.

My child hasn’t played tennis before. Can he still come?

No problem, we have beginner classes every week!

Can kids stay overnight?

No, this is a summer day camp. However, you might be interested in our overnight summer camps at Lake Balaton: click here for more.

Can I get a refund if my kid gets sick between the time I pay the fees and his first day at the camp?

You can cancel your week until 5 pm on the last Thursday before your week for any reason and you will get a full refund. Please keep your bill. If you cancel for any reason after this time, we may only be able to give a partial refund. You may also have your week rescheduled. Please consult with our team for more information.

When is the best time to drop off my child in the morning?

We are open from 8 am every day. It is best to arrive no later than 9 am to make sure your kid doesn’t miss any fun activities!

Do kids ever leave the venues during the week?

All programmes, both indoors and outdoors, are within the premises of the tennis clubs.

My child’s week has begun and it won’t stop raining. Will he miss any of the tennis classes?

No, all of our tennis classes are on indoors tennis courts, so no matter the weather (should it rain or should it be the hot July sun), we always have the most ideal conditions for tennis classes.

My child has a food intolerance (he is on a lactose or gluten free diet). Can he still camp with the other kids?

Absolutely. We are fully prepared to welcome children with eating disorders, and have done so on many occasions in the past. For more information, please visit our Meals and special diets page or consult a member of our team.

How many children are in one class and how are the groups formed?

The size of our classes is always small, from 4 to 7 kids, with an average group size of 5 to 6. When forming the groups we always take into account the level of the child’s language and tennis skills, as well as their age. For the entire camp, we have a teacher to student ratio of 5 to 1, meaning there is a teacher for every five students.

What are the official languages of the camp?

The entire camp is bilingual, with Hungarian and English both being the official languages. That has two implications: first, all programs and animation is also presented in English and everything is translated. Second, kids must have at least a basic (A2 recommend) level of spoken English to attend – so for instead they should be able to communicate if they are hungry, feel sick, have any problems and so on.  About the classes: for language classes, teachers will speak the studied language, so for example the teachers speak only English during an English lesson. The other classes are also bilingual, so for example during a tennis lesson the same coach will give instructions in both English and Hungarian.

In case you haven’t found an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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