Week 2 theme: SPACE

Week 2 theme: SPACE

Join us on a space adventure full of twists and turns during the 2nd week of Funside Balaton, which is none other than SPACE week. Mysterious aliens have invaded our planet, they are everywhere in the camp. Maybe you’ll be the one to help NASA solve the mysteries? Be careful who you team up with – this week, nothing is what it seems! We’re inviting you on a truly exciting space journey, so let’s hope you’re ready for the secret mission!

After a successful landing, we’ll give you some time to unpack and get to know your fellow travellers. Once the Camp Opening reveals exactly what happened to our planet and who’s in what role, the week’s space adventure begins! On Monday afternoon, you’ll push your limits in the challenging stages of the Amazing Race to discover what team power can do. In the evening, you can recharge your batteries at a new Music Night event, and get your team fired up at the space party.

The following day, we’ll get in the mood for this year’s European Championship finals with a real Funside Football EURO 2024 tournament. The best teams qualify for the finals on Thursday evening! After the sports and beach activities, the camp will be unleashed in the evening, but only for 20 seconds. During our 20 Second Showdown program, which debuted last year, calmness and speed will be important factors! It’s not that hard… if you’ve driven a spaceship between asteroids, you can do this!

Our mission continues at the BOBO Fun Park on Wednesday afternoon. Trampoline park, wall climbing, adventure park: all this awaits you in one place in a 3000 m2 facility that will be all ours on this day! In the evening, the Festival of Lights will lead you along a lit path to the starry sky of the Lookout hill in Balatongyörök, where you will be invited to sing together.

This year an old favourite, Among Us, returns! The popular video game-based program will let you all step into the world of aliens. Will the crew members or the impostors make it out alive? Following an afternoon full of missions, in the evening the whole camp can cheer on the finalists of the Funside Football Euro2024 Championship on the football field.

The camp will end with a galactic Beach Party on Friday, where we will get in the mood for the Closing Party in the evening.

Ready for an unforgettable space trip? 5-4-3-2-1… take off!

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