Week 3 theme: Multiverse

Week 3 theme: Multiverse

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel freely in space and time? Would you like to become your favourite movie character? We welcome you to the Multiverse for the 3rd week of Funside Balaton, where it’s all about your inner superhero. This week, four colours will compete for the key to the Multiverse’s portal, but only one will win the prize: free passage between worlds. Keep an open mind, your friend from the movies could become your enemy, or someone you thought was a rival could become your partner in crime.  

Captain America, the Minions, Iron Man, Barbie and Yoda are just some of the characters you can turn into during the week. You won’t have to wait long to find out at the Opening Ceremony whether your team is from the Disney, DC or Marvel universe. We’ll kick off the week with an exciting Scavenger Hunt, where you’ll have the chance to level up your character and earn valuable points. In the evening, the lights take over, with a big welcome party at Neon Night, where we’ll fly you to Pandora to turn you into an Avatar.  

On Tuesday afternoon, we’ll be back with a brand-new addition, the “All in” Lifesize Board Game, where you can all be part of an exciting, fun, and challenging game. Be fast, creative, and work together to be the first to finish. It’s important that you manage your energy well, because on the same day, you’ll be taking part in the Night Adventure, where we’ll open the gateway for a short time to travel to other universes together.

On Wednesday, the whole camp will head to the Wibit Water Adventure Park on Lake Balaton for an afternoon of fun and relaxation. After all the adventure, we’ll take a mid-week break and watch an exciting movie under the stars at the Movie Night program. 

At the beginning of the week you will get the chance to prepare your station for Camp’s Got Talent on Thursday afternoon. Which will be the most popular? In the evening you will have to perform fun, playful tasks at the Beat that! night, with music and good vibes provided by the “speakers”.

On Friday, our Ninja Warrior program will give you one last chance to show what you can do on a giant Ninja course. After the results are announced, the whole camp will cross the portal, led by the winning teams, where the resident DJ will be waiting for you and the Closing party can begin. 

Step into the Funside Multiverse with us and find out what you are capable of!

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