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Week 3 theme: Funside World Tour

Week 3 theme: Funside World Tour

Fasten your seatbelt for an epic journey around the world! Explore new cultures and traditions through a variety of fun activities. From traditional dances to famous events, you’ll experience a taste of the world, right here at Funside. There will be several new adventures during the week: we’ll visit the Bobo Fun Park together and you’ll be able to cheer at the Funside World Cup. Get ready for takeoff and discover what the week has in store for you!

We start the week with an exciting race around the world. Push your limits in the adventurous stages of the Amazing Race to discover what team power is capable of. Let’s travel into different countries and explore new cultures together at our new evening program, Around the World Night.

Together, let’s recreate the atmosphere of the 2022 World Cup with a real Funside football tournament! The best teams qualify for the Football World Cup final on Thursday night! After the sports and the beach, Tuesday night you’re in for mindless challenges at 20 Second Showdown. Our new program will bring you creative, funny and out-of-the-ordinary solutions.

On Wednesday, we’re heading to our newest big venue, Bobo Fun Park. Trampolines, climbing walls, adventure parks: all in one place in a 3000 m2 facility. In the evening, we bring you the Festival of Lights in Malta, where a lighted path will lead you to the Szépkilátó of Balatongyörök.

On Thursday, we fly to New York City to investigate Cluedo‘s New York Crime Scene, where it’s not enough to be fast, you have to solve the mystery correctly, paying attention to every detail, in order to close the investigation. After our misterious afternoon, the whole camp can cheer on the finalists of the Funside World Cup in the evening. Which country will take the prize?

The camp will close with an Aloha Beach Party and then the traditional Friday Closing Party will bring you the atmosphere of the Venice Carnival. Can you guess who’s in the mask?

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