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Week 4 Theme: Superheroes’ Week

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Week 4 Theme: Superheroes’ Week

Week 4 Theme: Superheroes’ Week

A popular previous theme will be back for Week 4 with the return of Superheroes’ Week, featuring a Color War, a Superheroes’ Day, a trip to the Aqua Park, as well as this year’s Battle of the Movies and Funside Oscars.

If we are lucky enough, few famous superheroes will show up and join the Camp Opening Ceremony on Sunday, as well as the other big activities of Superheroes Week. There will be loads of additional events and activities related to the superhero theme, such as the Superhero Day and the Battle of the Movies, where groups will have to use their creativity to compete for top prizes at the Funside Oscars. All teams will get the chance to create and film their own short movies.

This year’s brand new activity, Color War will also feature in Week 4, where groups will solve multiple fun challenges related to different colors. Superheroes need some recess time too, so that we will spend a whole afternoon at the Aqua Park on Wednesday to enjoy the giant slides and swimming pools.

Evening activities include the Game Night and Charades game, called Activity night, where loads of clues and challenges will be related to superheroes and super abilities. To ease the week and hard work of the superhero life, a Beach Time will take place on Thursday afternoon. Some cool and new things will be expected this afternoon. ;-)

At the very last day of this week will be the Reversed Day. It will be a great opportunity for all the campers to try a different activity from their chosen ones , such as windsurfing or dancing, for one whole class. This day will be closed with a very special event, the Oscar Gala, with the winning teams announced at the end.

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