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Week 3 Theme: Survivor Week

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Week 3 Theme: Survivor Week

The whole camp is going to transform into a survivor island for Week 3: each camper will belong to a competing tribe, solving challenges to win over the grand trophy at the end of the week! Some of the highlights will be the Crazy Sports’ Day, the Color Run, the brand new Survivor Day, as well as Funside classics, such as the Scavenger Hunt and the Beach Party.

The Camp Opening Ceremony will be really meaningful in this exciting and mystic week, when a “Tribe Foundation Ceremony” will take place. All the tribe names of each team will be announced at this ceremony, tribes will compete with each other for points through the whole survival week.

The tribes will battle it out during the Survivors’ Scavenger Hunt, the brand-new Emoji Game Night, as well as the brand new Survivor Day. This game will contain loads of logical and skill-based challenge stations to give a change to each tribe to show their skills and creativity in order to get the most points.

One of the most exciting and important events will be the Crazy Sports Day, when the citizens of the survivor island can try many exciting stations, such as the Inflatable Adventure Park, the Sweeper Game, Archery Tag (13 and up) or Water Football.  Another two really popular events will be held this week: the Color Run race and the crowd favorite Beach Party with fruit cocktails, palm trees and exotic beach spirit.

The Closing ceremony will take place on Friday evening, when the winning tribe will be announced and get the Survivor Week’s Main Prize. Of course, a big closing Teen Disco party will be expected as well.

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