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This is how Wizarding School Week was like – VIDEO!

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This is how Wizarding School Week was like – VIDEO!

Winner takes it all – but not at Funside camps as although enthusiasm was a key factor during our whole week long point collecting contest for the 4 houses of Hogwarts, but all of them have had a tons of fun. 

Harry Potter week is the first camp theme that has been organised on the following summer after its debut. Although it’s not that surprising as not just our campers love the tales of the brave magician but also many of our teachers and staff members, so they all could collect amazing experiences during Camp Opening Ceremony at Hogwarts, Triwizard Tournament, Quidditch Cup and Harry Potter day.

Campers of the 4 houses could also have fun during Karaoke Night, Aquapark afternoon, Reversed Day or Game Night with Dance Central.

Have an insight about our magical week with our videos, or check out the daily photos in our Facebbok gallery.  

Best moments of week 3


Carpool Karaoke 



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