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The last weekly video of Funside Balaton 2018

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The last weekly video of Funside Balaton 2018

During the last week of Funside Balaton 2018 we payed special attention to the creativity of our campers as kids and youngsters became program organizers themselves.

Funside Balaton 2018 has ended. Our international children camp that launched in 2007 and appeared by the lake Balaton in 2011 gave unforgettable experiences to almost 1300 youngsters only during the 5 weeks of Funside Balaton 2018. Thanks to our educational blocks of the 21st century, the weekly themes, our program library made by care & professionalism and our unique team of teachers all of our weeks were full house. 

It’s not a surprise that teachers and staff members are also still working on the process to manage the experiences and memories – although this video helps a lot to do that…


Let us say, it was an honour :)

Meanwhile – as all of our sessions – Camp’s Got Talent week was also a hit. On the day of the weekly theme kids and youngsters created their own programs for each other and also for the teachers. Besides this special day, the week was full of Funside-classics, just like Color Run, Scavenger Hunt, Aquapark afternoon, Carpool Karaoke, Activity night, Quidditch, Balaton, Board Game night, or the Battle of the Teams for the Funside Cup of 2018.

Have a look at our daily happenings of the fifth week of Funside Balaton 2018 with our Facebook gallery, or check out the best moments of it below. 

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