STATEMENT: Updates on summer camps and day camps in 2020

STATEMENT: Updates on summer camps and day camps in 2020

Following up the expected early-May plateauing of the coronavirus epidemic in Hungary, as well as the re-opening of the economy in the coming weeks, we would like to update our campers on all we currently know about what to expect this summer.

Based on recent updates from the Hungarian authorities, as well as the local health services, about the expected easing of social distancing measures in May, we believe that there is a strong chance that summer camps can go ahead this year for the entirety or at least part of the summer break, albeit with some restrictions and with special preventive measures in place. We, at Funside, are ready to go: if the current state of the epidemic, as well as the government regulations allow us to do, we’ll be ready to deliver the summer camp experience that you have come to expect from us. We hope that we can contribute to making your summer a more joyful time after having spent months at home, allowing our nearly 2000 campers from 2019, as well as anyone else looking to join them, to have a great summer in 2020.

If summer camps do go ahead this year, you can expect special preventive measures to be announced. We’ll be informing you about these as soon as the authorities have declared them.

Let’s see what we can expect at each of our locations this year.

Balaton camps: waiting for government announcements

At Funside Balaton, where most of the registration process was completed back in February, many of our campers accepted the special terms and conditions we drafted in response to this year’s extraordinary challenges. Their places are still safe, and as we have promised, we’ll be waiting for the government measures regarding summer camps until June 1st. However, based on a recent statement from the local health services, we strongly believe that these rules will be announced sooner than later, most likely some time in May. Naturally we cannot rule out that different rules might apply for overnight camps and day camps, and it may be too early to get anyone’s hopes up, but we are still highly optimistic about the possibility that the 10th anniversary Funside Balaton camp can go ahead this year. As soon as we have any news, we’ll be informing our registered campers.

Registration for any available places was still possible for some time, however, we have suspended registration as we are waiting for the crucial decisions. If the camp can go ahead, then we’ll reach out to our registered campers first, and if there are still any places left afterwards, we will then re-open registration for those.

Budapest day camps: pre-registration coming

Sign-up for our day camps was scheduled to open in March, 3 weeks after Balaton as usual, but was then delayed before it could even begin as it coincided with the outbreak of the coronavirus in Hungary. Based on recent information about the easing of social distancing measures, we have decided to start pre-registration for our day camps on May 6 (starting at midday CET), in order to speed up the sign-up process if the camps can go ahead. How does pre-registration work? Please click here for more.

Pre-registration applies to the following international, bilingual (English & Hungarian) venues:

  • International / bilingual: Funside day camp on Villányi street, Újbuda (ages 5 to 11)
  • International / bilingual: Funside day camp in Graphisoft Park, Óbuda (ages 7 to 14)

Our website will be updated with all corresponding information by May 6 the latest.

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