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Registration begins for Funside Balaton 2019!

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Registration begins for Funside Balaton 2019!

Funside Balaton international camp is back for all 5 weeks of the usual summer period, with over 20 different classes and many new activities to choose from! Registration starts on February 20!

Once again, our campers can choose two different classes for each weekout of our selection of 20, including long-time favorites, such as the English Camp, Sports Camp, Dance Camp, Windsurfing Camp or the Art Camp, but there are also a few new and updated programs on the 2019 list. Our Programming Camp features a brand new curriculum, while our Robotics Camp is also fully updated for 2019 with new LEGO Boost sets, and for the first time, Robotics will be available for older campers (12 and up), featuring the LEGO Mindstorms platform. Due to high demand, we have added additional places to our English Drama and DJ Camps, however, our Tennis Camp will still only have very limited places this summer, therefore registration is limited to one time period per week (more details about this here). Click here for the full list of available classes.

All 5 of our weekly themes and the weeks’ detailed schedules are already available on this page. In addition to our weekly themes, 2019 is Year of the Environment at Funside Balaton, featuring many new initiatives to support this important cause (more on this will be available on our website soon).


Registration begins at midday on February 20, through our online sign-up form. The form will appear on the website at midday CET. It’s a good idea to have the following information ready: contact details of the parents or contact persons, the camper’s details (including health insurance information), billing address, chosen weeks and classes. Based on previous years, most places will likely fill up during the first days or week of the registration period, so it’s a good idea to sign up as early as possible to book your chosen place (payments can be made any time in the following 6 weeks).

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