Week 3 Theme: Olympics Week

Week 3 Theme: Olympics Week

You don’t have to go to Tokyo this year, because we have yet again brought the Olympic Games to Funside Balaton! Come and rediscover the world of sports in our third week, including the brand new obstacle courses in the Airpark! On top of that, as the greatest athletes do, we’ll be breaking another national record!

On our week of the Olympics, the clash of the continents will take crazy turns. On Wednesday, try our biggest innovation for 2020 and conquer the obstacles of Hungary’s largest inflatable challenge course, the 600 square meter Air Park! Speaking of challenges, after its success in 2019, we brought back our colourful team battle, the Color War.

Try crazy variations of Olympic sports in the Funside Olympics, but don’t let your creativity leave you until the end of the week, as it will be you and your team to come up with the games for Camp’s Got Talent! But if you’re looking for something more casual, there’s still no need to panic: take your time on the beach or do “regular” sports with us on Thursday afternoon! However, you may want to conserve some of your energy for later, as we’ll be attempting to set our 5th National Record at Funside Balaton on Thursday night – stay tuned to find out what it is!

We’ve prepared new games for the evenings as well, like the Bingo Lingo and Just Dance night, where we’ve paired up a phenomenal game of bingo and stage show with our classic boogie-challenge. For Fusion Night, we’ve put together the bests of our Game Nights in 10 years, and we also revolutionized our Activity Nights with Pictionary Air, a new device which enables you to draw in air and have your teammates guess the words based on what they see on screen. But there’s a thing that never changes: our Friday night Teen Disco will remain untouched, for the 10th year straight!

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