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Robotics course

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Robotics course

Robot-programming for kids at Funside School

Experience-based robotics afterschool course with LEGO Education tools at Funside School for kids aged between 7 and 14.

Basic Information

One 90-min class a week
16 classes / semester
After School Course
Grades 1-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12
R1 – R6
Weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings
Funside School ÚjbudaLearn more
In groups of 2 to 4 kids
September / February / during semester
Online or at our Budapest offices



There are many reasons why teaching robotics is becoming popular: besides that it’s very exciting (who would not like to build LEGO robots?) it also supports the improvement of some very important skills, just like cooperating and teamwork, project approach or solving problems creatively. Some of our students like our course because of the LEGO robots, some of them influenced the most by the playful programming, either way, their technological interest evolves during our classes.

Throughout our half-year-long modules – that built on each other – kids complete tasks developed by LEGO Education: we start with WeDo 2.0, then comes the much more complex Boost to end the process with the truly challenging Mindstorms. We hold our course on every weekday after school or on Saturday mornings, and the weekly classes take 90 minutes. Feel free to join us!

Robotics modules

Through the learning journey of our students – that contains our self-developed modules built on each other – kids acquire the basics of robotics and can reach the level of international robot programming competitions, or establish their programming studies. If you’ve ever learnt robotics, then you could join also to our advanced courses after a placement test.

R1: Lego WeDo 2.0

The popular platform of Lego Education, the WeDo 2.0 introduces the playful world of robot programming to kids without a must of knowing how to write or read. One semester includes 16 weekly occasions with 90-minute-long lessons. Kids working in pairs, modeling and solving problems that taken from reality by building Lego robots and programming them with a tablet. We start with guided projects to let them understand how to solve given problems, then we give them tasks to handle more independently, and advocate them to use their creativity. Through the module kids learn the basic terms of programming, and also use them on Lego’s own block-based programming platform.

R2: Lego WeDo 2.0 advanced projects and Lego Boost

We start the semester after module R1 with a little repeat of WeDo 2.0 tasks and an extended run of its complex and advanced projects before we switch to the newest robot programming platform of Lego Education, the Lego Boost. The latter provides much more complex options also in building and coding than WeDo, but also in a very playful way.

R3: Lego Mindstorms advanced robotics 1. semester

In the first semester of R3 we introduce advanced robot programming to the kids as we use the Lego Mindstorms’s EV3 programming language that created for educational use. Small groups of students work on advanced projects together 16 times in a semester. R3 module is an ideal level for upper-primary students to enter the world of robot programming, while for the children from elementary school is recommended to start it after modules R1 and R2.

R4: Lego Mindstorms advanced robotics 2. semester

The continuation of module R3 with 16 sessions of even more advanced Mindstorms programming projects.

R 5-6: International competitions

Advanced robotprogrammers of Funside School can apply to the whole schoolyear-long module pair of R5-R6, in which the whole group works together on an actual challenge of an international robotprogramming competition with the usage of the Lego Mindstorms platform.

Merge into programming

Robotics at Funside works as a perfect base for learning programming. After every module of robotics, kids can switch to the appropriate module of programming considering level and age.

After School Program of the 21st Century *** English subtitles available!

Sign up

The 2018/19 fall semester starts on September 17. Sign-up begins on August 22 and ends when all places are filled for the given group, or at the start of the semester. (After the August-September sign-up period, late registration may be available for select groups, after a free placement test.)

Price: 15 000,- Ft / person / month

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