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Programming course

Programming course for kids at Funside School

Experience-based after school programming courses at Funside School for kids aged between 7 and 18.

About the education

Besides programming is a skill shortage it also develops logical thinking, problem solving ability and the eager of self-improvement which are all give advance to the kids’ future – even if they don’t want to become IT professionals. Our programming course for kids and teenagers at Funside School is different from others, as our experience-based curriculum is paired with expectations of real life. Beyond the fact that our students enjoying our classes, our aim is to make them have a useful knowledge of block-based programming within their own interest to motivate them to develop on their own will. Be it any of our courses, all of our curriculums are gamified which is a great motivation for the kids, as well as a tool for the parents to get an insight of their kids’ development. They can also follow up the improvement by have a look at our posts about their kids on the groups’ own blogs or by attending to the project presentations at the end of every topic. Our decade-long know-how of experience-based teaching, and our carefully selected and well trained teachers assure quality learning. We hold our 90-minute-long courses on weekdays after school, or on Saturday mornings weekly. Feel free to join us!

Programming modules

Through the learning journey of our students – that contains our self-developed modules built on each other - kids acquire the basics of programming to reach the stage, where they can use the most popular programming languages confidently.  If you’ve ever learned programming, then you could join also to our advanced groups.

More information



One 90-min class a week

Course length

16 classes / semester


Grades 1-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12 (helyszíni csoportok); (online csoportok)


P1 – P4


In groups of 4 to 12 kids

Language of the classes

Hungarian, English

Application period

Szeptember, február vagy becsatlakozás


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  • 15:15 - 16:45
  • 09:00 - 10:30
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After School Program of the 21st Century *** English subtitles available!


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