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English course

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English course

English for kids at Funside School

Experience-based, speaking-oriented afterschool English courses at Funside School for kids aged between 7 and 17.

Basic Information

One or two 90-min classes a week
16 or 32 classes / semester
After School Course
Grades 1-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12
Starter - B2
Weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings
Funside School ÚjbudaLearn more
In groups of 4 to 8 kids
September / February / during semester
Online or at our Budapest offices


At Funside School we are proud of our very own project-based curriculum: we learn about every topic through creative and experience-based projects, while we take into consideration every subject that required to take language exams. Throughout our speaking-oriented courses we dismantle inhibitions and encourage the kids to react, debate and speak bravely, leading to a stage when chatting itself becomes fun. Our curriculum is truly playful thanks to our gamified classes, where kids can collect redeemable points during the lessons or by doing optional Funside homeworks. Gamification is a great motivation for kids, and also works well for the parents to follow-up the steps of our program. Every group has its own blog to get informed about actual topics and recommended practice tasks.

We finish every topic with a project presentation which lets the parents get an insight of the precession, and also prepares the students to usual situations that walk hand in hand with public speaking. Every half year we organize parent trainings, where we present proper techniques to help them with their kids when doing homework. Groups on the same level are developing synchronized, so every half a year kids have 4 chances to make up a lesson with another group. Feel free to apply for our free placement test!

Funside English courses

English course

In the case of basic level courses, small sized groups of 4 to 8 kids – divided by age and level – are working together once a week after school (or Saturday morning) in 90 minutes long, speaking-oriented classes. Following the procession of the school year there are 16 weekly classes in a semester and 4 synthetic topics, each of them ending with a project presentation.  After all, the kids learn the 16 main topics of language exam requirements during 4 semesters of our systematized modules before they step up to the next level.

Intensive English course

Compared to the basic level courses our intensive course proceeds twice as fast, as it contains 2×90 minutes long classes a week. In the case of intensive course every semester contains 32 classes which means 64 90 minutes long lessons in a year. Through these classes we concern every subject that are required to take a language exam on the given level.

Native English course

Our native courses are based on the same curriculum of our speaking-oriented classes, the only difference is the native speaker teachers. The native speaking courses are available from level A2 and up, and can be chosen as a normal, or an intensive course.

After School Program of the 21st century. English subtitles available!

Sign up

The 2018/19 fall semester starts on September 17. Sign-up begins on August 22 and ends when all places are filled for the given group, or at the start of the semester. (After the August-September sign-up period, late registration may be available for select groups, after a free placement test.)

Price: 15 000,- Ft / person / month

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