Cheques accepted

Széchenyi Pihenő Kártya (SZÉP Kártya)

The camp fee can be paid in full or in part by SZÉP Card.



To pay with OTP SZÉP card log in to the OTP SZÉP card page.

After logging in to the site, you will find the PRE-PAYMENT menu item on the left-hand side.

Here you have to select the name of the acceptance point, please pay special attention to select the following acceptance point for each camp:

The name of the acceptance point is Funside Táborok.

In the comment field, please put in the pro forma invoice number (sample: D-FUN-XXXX).

After entering the data, the website will redirect you to the OTPdirekt site and after entering the card details, and complete the transaction.


K&H SZÉP card

K&H SZÉP card payments can be made by entering the K&H SZÉP card page and using the prepayment function.

When making a payment, you must enter the ID number of the place of acceptance, please pay special attention to choose the following ID number for each camp:

Unique ID number: 84021504

After entering the ID of the acceptance point, the camp fee and the pro forma invoice number must be entered (example: D-FUN-XXXX)

After clicking the pay button, a pop-up window will appear asking for confirmation of the transaction. If you click OK the transaction will be approved.



To pay by MBH SZÉP card you need a prepayment ID. To do this, please send us the name and ID number of the cardholder by e-mail ( (the ID number is located under the card number).

The prepayment ID will be sent to you by e-mail and you can use it to make a payment on the MBH SZÉP card page.

The name of the acceptance point is Funside Táborok.

After you select the amount, you wish to pay, you can finalize the transaction by clicking on the Approve Prepayment button.

A notification of successful approval will be sent to the email address you have provided.

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