Yoga Summer Day Camp

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Basic Information

Summer day camp
Magyar, Angol
8 am to 5 pm (arrival: 8 to 9 am; pick-up: 4 to 5 pm)
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In groups of 4 to 8 kids
1 to 5 Learn more
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Find your inner peace at our yoga camp by Lupa Beach: open-air yoga at Lupa Beach grants a special exercise daily for your body and soul, as it shapes your body, and improves your strength in a naturally perfected way, while it also provides stress relief for your muscles and mind. Going through the drills of daily yoga classes, you’ll be able to shut out the impact of the outside world and to control your feelings and thoughts in order to get relaxed completely. Yoga is one of the best ways of recreation, with the exclusive panorama of Lupa Beach providing an ideal setting. This class is available for the ages between 8 and 16, and includes a 1,5-hour yoga session every day, Monday through Friday, in small groups – don’t hesitate, join us!

Free time games and activities

All possible camp combinations

Choose 2 different classes from the list below for each week of camp (e.g. 1,5 hours of English and 1,5 hours of Yoga make of a total of 3 hours of class each day).

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