Robotics: LEGO WeDo Summer Day Camp

With a curriculum based on the LEGO WeDo 2.0 platform, this program opens our campers' minds to the basics of robotics and computational thinking in a playful way.

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Basic Information

Overnight summer camp
It depends on the location Learn more
8 am to 5 pm (arrival: 8 to 9 am; pick-up: 4 to 5 pm)
Villányi strLearn more
8 - 12 (Graphisoft Park), 7 - 11 (Villányi str),
In groups of 5 to 10 kids
1 to 5
Full board, special dietary meals available
Online or at our Budapest offices Learn more


During our robotics classes children work in pairs, using the WeDo 2.0 building sets, developed by LEGO Education for teaching STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects. Every pair of campers receives an identical pack, featuring the well-known LEGO bricks and special elements like the ‘smart hub’ and motion sensors, as well as a tablet pre-loaded with the WeDo application to use in the classroom. The classes are project-based, aimed at solving real-life problems by building robots from the bricks and then programming them, using the tablet provided by us. LEGO Education is all about learning in a playful way, which is the cornerstone of our education philosophy at Funside. Our Robotics Camp is especially recommended to students interested in the world of technology but have never learned how to code before.

If you attented our robotic camp last year, don’t worry, we have 5 whole new porejct foxr you in this year’s robotic camp.


Graphisoft Park

Age limit: 7-14
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Age limit: 5-11
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