Programming: Harry Potter Summer Day Camp

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Basic Information

Summer day camp
8 am to 5 pm (arrival: 8 to 9 am; pick-up: 4 to 5 pm)
Funside Budapest Gellért square Learn more
In groups of 2 to 4 kids
1 to 5 Learn more
Full board, special dietary meals available Learn more
Online or at our Budapest offices Learn more


In Funside’s programming classes, our campers build their own, digital, programmable wands, which they can use to spark a fire, multiply goblets, enchant brooms or even compose music. Using the official Harry Potter Kano programming kit, they can progress through a package containing 70 different challenges while learning the basics of block-programming. This way, they not only improve their skills, but also get the chance to experience the world of Harry Potter.

We are using the Harry Potter programming tools of KANO, a British ed-tech start-up. If you want to learn more about them, read a review by Raké here.

Competence: preliminary coding experience is not required, but confidence in reading and writing is essential. The programming language we use is based on an English language software, so a minimal English knowledge is recommended.

You may choose one more activity to go along with this – please see the various options depending on the venue.

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