Drone-programming Summer Day Camp

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Basic Information

Summer day camp
Magyar, Angol
8 am to 5 pm (arrival: 8 to 9 am; pick-up: 4 to 5 pm)
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In groups of 4 to 8 kids
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At our Drone-programming camp, participants can learn how to code in a fun way, using drones and visual programming (like the block-based Scratch programming language). We use DJI Tello and Tello EDU drones, designed especially for coding classroom use, and we program these drones to complete simple flying and filming missions. Throughout the week, there are five 1,5-hour missions, each of them more complex than the one before, furthering our campers’s coding skills and also involving some geometry, not to mention the great videos that will turn out from the class work!

Safety notice: Tello is an ultra light toy category drone with an HD camera, equipped with DJI’s latest collision avoidance system. During the classes safety is always our top priority: the aim of this class is to use the programs kids write in Scratch, test them, and then allow those program to pilot the drones in a controlled environment.

Free time games and activities

All possible camp combinations

Choose 2 different classes from the list below for each week of camp (e.g. 1,5 hours of English and 1,5 hours of Yoga make of a total of 3 hours of class each day).

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