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Media: mobile-photography

Simple hacks to take unbelievable photos with your phone!

This class is not available this year, however, we have many similar camps you may be interested in: see the full list here.

Funside Balaton international camp welcomes campers aged 8-17 for 5 weeks. You can choose two out of 26 different activities for your morning programme, and for the rest of the day we will prepare a varied and exciting programme of games, afternoon and evening activities. The Balaton beach and the fun atmosphere are guaranteed all summer long, so don't miss out!

About the education

Today, it is no longer necessary to carry a camera around to capture every moment: it is more than enough to make the most of what our phones have to offer. We are bringing this brand new camp for those who want to bring a new perspective to their pictures and take the next step in mobile photography. Throughout the week, our campers will have the chance to express themselves visually and learn about presentation on social media, as the works of our photographers will be uploaded to a designated Funside Instagram page.

Technical requirements: If you have a smartphone with a camera you are delighted to use, that is more than enough in terms of hardware. Make sure, however, that you have the most recent software update on your phone and at least 1 GB of storage, as well as knowing all your passwords, since we will be using some softwares which you might need to download.

This camp is only available in Hungarian, open to native speakers and advanced learners of the language. If you are looking for a camp held in English, please click here to check out our 20 different Funside Balaton camps available for English speakers.

Which classes can be combined with?

Free time games and activities

Weekly schedule

More information

Language of the classes


Age limits

Teacher to children ratio

1 to 5


In groups of 5 to 12 kids





Full board, special dietary meals available

Prices and application deadlines

EUR 525 / person / session

199 900 Ft

The price below is the basic camp fee, which includes a combination of two classes with a basic fee, if you choose a classes with an extra fee, the higher fee will be added to the basic fee, for details click here. For returning discounts and more details, please see the prices page.

Premium class extra fee for Mobile-photography

+ EUR -135 / person / session

+ -64 900 Ft

Our premium camp classes are delivered by our external partners. We provide all the necessary tools and equipments for the classes.
If you choose two premium camp classes (SUP/DJ) you will have to pay extra fee for both classes! You can find out more about our premium classes and other details here.

More about prices and accepted cheques

This class is not available this year, however, we have many similar camps you may be interested in: see the full list here.

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