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Camp combinations

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Camp combinations

We have four hours of classes a day at our Funside Budapest summer day camps, which is made up of two different subjects of your choice.

This is how it works:

Just pick any two classes from the list, for instance English and Tennis. In this case the child will have two hours of English each day and two hours of tennis, as well as plenty of exciting free time activities. It’s as simple as that!

  • 1. Choose your first class

    English, Hungarian, Tennis, Arts & Crafts, Programming or Robotics

  • 2. Choose your second class

    English, Hungarian, Tennis, Arts & Crafts, Programming or Robotics

  • 3. We add fun free time activities

  • Your personalised summer day camp experience is ready!

Full list

This is the complete list of all possible camp combinations in 2017 with their respective camp fees. The fees are listed in the format of Euros / person / week. (The order of the classes within each paring is irrelevant.)

English & Tennis Day Camp130
Hungarian & Tennis Day Camp130
English & Arts&Crafts Day Camp130
Hungarian & Arts&Crafts Day Camp130
Tennis & Arts&Crafts Day Camp130
English & Robotics Day Camp137
Hungarian & Robotics Day Camp137
Tennis & Robotics Day Camp137
Arts&Crafts & Robotics Day Camp137
English & Programming Day Camp137
Hungarian & Programming Day Camp137
Tennis & Programming Day Camp137
Arts&Crafts & Programming Day Camp137
Programming & Robotics Day Camp144

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