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Camp combinations

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Camp combinations

We have two two-hour classes Monday to Friday at all our Funside Balaton camps. You may choose the same subject for all classes (20 hours a week) or you can choose a combo: 10 classes of one subject and 10 classes of another one.

This is how it works:

Just pick any two classes from the list, for instance English and windsurfing. In this case you will have one two-hour class of English each morning, followed by a two-hour class of windsurfing. It’s as simple as that!

  • 1. Choose your first class

    English, German, Hungarian, Sports, American Sports, Tennis, Dance, Windsurfing and more

  • 2. Choose your second class

    English, German, Hungarian, Sports, American Sports, Tennis, Dance, Windsurfing and more

  • 3. We add exciting activities for the afternoons and evenings

  • Your personalised summer camp experience is ready!


Long camps

If you join us for a ‘long camp’ (two weeks), you can choose up to four subjects! Or you can choose the same subject all the way through (40 hours over two weeks), it’s completely up to you.


  • In 2018, all camps can be combined with other camps (i.e. any class can be chosen for 2 hours a day, combined with another class for the other 2-hour time period).
  • The following classes can be chosen for both time periods (i.e. for 4 hours a day, without a combination, which means new material for each time period): English, Native English, English Drama, German, Hungarian, Sports, Art, Dance, Music, Photography and Filming.
  • Special exceptions: Golf cannot be combined with Horseback Riding in the same week (due to distance), Photography cannot be combined with Music, Filming, Programming or DroneProgramming (due to different dates), Music cannot be combined with English Drama, Robotics or Photography (due to different dates), and Art or Filming cannot be combined with Arts & Crafts or Robotics (due to age limites).
  • The following classes are only available in Hungarian: Photography and Filming.


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