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About Us

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About Us

Our mission

Our goal is to create a summer camp, that is educational, fun and full of social value; a camp that brings back truly happy memories when one looks back years down the road.

The Funside history

Funside Summer Camps was established in 2007 to bring a true summer camp experience to those who spend their summer break in the city. While still being close to parents at a highly accessible location, we managed to create a real summer camp atmosphere and our ever-growing community of Funside campers testifies to that! In the first four summers of the Funside Budapest camp, nearly 300 children joined us from nine countries, spending almost 500 weeks with us. Our 11th district location remains a popular spot but parents asked us to bring the Funside camps to other parts of the city as well. Therefore in 2011, we are expanding our day camp programme to a second location, so that even more kids can enjoy the Funside experience!

Another one of our long-time dreams has also come true in 2011, with the launch of Funside Balaton, our international, in-house summer camp at Lake Balaton. We spent over a year looking for the most ideal venue until we eventually found Fonyódliget: a camp right by the lake with an incredible list of facilities, including competition size football pitches, basketball and tennis courts, and much more, not to mention one-km long beach with its own coast guards. We are bringing a lot of what has made Funside so great over the years to Central Europe’s largest lake, and we will continue to offer combo programmes, mixing languages and sports for the fullest experience. Unlike at any other camp, at Funside Balaton you can mix and match any of the following activities as you wish: English, German or Hungarian languages, as well as sports, tennis and horse riding classes. It’s all because we know that a summer camp has to be educational, but it must never be boring!

This is the story so far…and with so many other exciting ideas in the pipeline, we are always looking forward to the summer!

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