Frequently Asked Questions: the waiting list

This year’s Funside Balaton camp filled up faster than ever before, but waiting list registration is still available for a limited time. 

With two months still to go until camp season, all places are currently taken for each of this year’s five sessions. Changes can happen even in the final days before the camp: here is our little cheat sheet for those still hoping to get in this summer!

What is a waiting list?

When all places are booked for a given week (i.e. when all beds are taken), we open a waiting list. Registration to the waiting list works the same way: just sign up through our online sing-up form. You will receive an email confirming your place on the waiting list. As soon as a place becomes available, we will notify the next person on the list. The list works on a first come first served basis, but we also look at whether there is an available place for your chosen classes. (It’s a good idea to mention all the classes that you are interested in on your sign-up form’s ‘comments’ section.) You only need to make a payment if a place becomes available.

Should we sign up to the waiting list? Will I still get in?

Yes, it makes sense to sign up for a number of reasons:
1. There are always some instances when someone who already registered changes their plans or cannot attend for any reason, which means that places might free up. The longer the time period left until the camp, the more likely it is that this might happen.
2. When a place does become available, we’ll only notify those who are on the waiting list.
3. If the waiting list becomes so long that we believe it’s no longer possible to get in, we close the waiting list and mark the week as “SOLD OUT”. If this hasn’t happened yet, it still makes sense to sign up!

When do I find out if we got in?

After registering, we will send you an email to the parents’ email addresses provided on your sign-up form withing two working days, confirming your place on the waiting list. After this, we will only notify you if a place becomes available. It’s difficult to say when this might happen, as it depends on when another camper might cancel their booking. You only need to make a payment if a place becomes available.

Use our online sign-up form to sign up to the waiting list, or get in touch with our team if you still have some burning questions!

Update (May 22)

Our 2017 camp is fully sold out! Due to the overwhelmingly high demand, we have closed our waiting lists for this summer. Registration for our 2018 camps begins in mid-February. To avoid missing out, follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our e-newsletter.

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