English Drama Camp

Our new program, introduced in 2016, is for advanced learners of English that are interested in acting and would like to improve their spoken language skills - all while camping by the beach with a great team and exciting free time activities for every day.

Basic information

Type of camp: Overnight summer camp
Language of the classes: English Learn more...
Dates & duration: Weeks 1 to 5 Learn more...
Location: Balatongyorok, Hungary Learn more...
Age limits: 12 to 17 Learn more...
Group sizes at classes: 4-8 kids per class
Group sizes at activities: 8 kids per class Learn more...
Teacher to childer ratio: 1 to 5 Learn more...
Meals: Full board, special dietary meals available Learn more...
How to sign up: Online or at our Budapest HQ Learn more...


Our new advanced program, introduced in 2016, is all about plays: instead of traditional language classes, we practice spoken English through acting exercises, improvisation and by performing short sketches, led by our native English teacher (an English teacher that is a native speaker of English). If you are at past 12 and have been learning English for a while, but would like to improve your spoken language skills, our Drama Camp is just for you. This new class is an intensive, 20 hours a week program, held entirely in English and featuring a short play performed in front of all other English groups at the end of the week. (Minimum level requirement: B1, see details below.)

Other English Camps by usFunside Native English Camp

This is an intensive program, with 4 hours of classes a day, Mondays through Fridays, in small groups, based on language level and age. A week-long camp has 20, while a two-week 'long camp' has 40 hours worth of classes. In the afternoons and evenings there are several exciting free time activities waiting for you each day: try the Funside Funfair, visit the aqua park with us or try our World Records activities (see details below).

English Camp and Native English Camp

If you don't meet the level required for this program or drama classes are not what you are looking for, you may choose our Funside Balaton English Camp (learn more here) or our Funside Balaton Native English Camp (learn more here), where you will still have the same great free time activities and can also choose from several possible camp combinations too.

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Do you know your level?

Not sure if you have reached the necessary level to enrol in this program? Get in touch with us and we will provide you with a short test via email so our teachers can check your skills before you sign up.

The English Drama Camp is an intensive course with 4 hour-long classes a day (20 hours a week in total), therefore it cannot be combined with other Funside Balaton camps.

Afternoon and evening activities in 2017

Each week has different free-time activities. Check out the detailed schedule for each session here...
AquaparkAqua ParkVidámparkFunside FunfairFényjátékLights Show
VilágrekordokRecord AttemptsbeachBeach PartybeachWater Football
Superheroes Day (new)Battle of the TeamsWizarding School (new)
beachLip Dub Music Video ShootBalatonLake BalatonLearn more about the afternoon activities...

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    Deadlines: availability for our camps is limited and places are filled up on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up early to ensure your place for the desired camp. Registration starts on Wednesday, February 15, 2017.
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    EUR 291
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