Camp combinations

We have two two-hour classes Monday to Friday at all our Funside Balaton camps. You may choose the same subject for all classes (20 hours a week) or you can choose a combo: 10 classes of one subject and 10 classes of another one.

This is how it works:

Just pick any two classes from the list, for instance English and windsurfing. In this case you will have one two-hour class of English each morning, followed by a two-hour class of windsurfing. It’s as simple as that!

  • 1. Choose your first class

    English, German, Hungarian, Sports, American Sports, Tennis, Dance, Windsurfing and more

  • 2. Choose your second class

    English, German, Hungarian, Sports, American Sports, Tennis, Dance, Windsurfing and more

  • 3. We add exciting activities for the afternoons and evenings

  • Your personalised summer camp experience is ready!

Long camps

If you join us for a ‘long camp’ (two weeks), you can choose up to four subjects! Or you can choose the same subject all the way through (40 hours over two weeks), it’s completely up to you.


The English Drama Camp, the Music Camp and the Media Camp (Photography and Filming) use all 20 hours a week, therefore these cannot be picked as combinations (must be 4 hours a day). Windsurfing, Golf, Horseback Riding, American Sports, Programming, DJ and Arts & Crafts can only be chosen for 2 hours a day, therefore you must pick a combination for any of these. All other camps may be chosen either on its own (4 hours a day) or in combination with another camp (2 hours a day with 2 hours of something else).

Full list 2017

This is the complete list of all possible camp combinations in 2017 with their respective camp fees. The fees are listed in the format of Euros / person / week. (Long camp = two weeks.)

Please note: the order of the listed camps has no significance (for instance, the camp combination English-Tennis, and the camp combination Tennis-English are the same, it is only listed twice twice to make it easier to find).

Funside Balaton English Camps

English Camp (4 classes a day)265
English & German Camp265
English & Hungarian Camp265
English & Sports Camp265
English & Tennis Camp265
English & Dance Camp265
English & Windsurfing Camp340
English & American Sports Camp265
English & Horseback Riding Camp350
English & Golf Camp340
English & Programming Camp265
English & Arts&Crafts Camp265
English & Art Camp265
English & DJ Camp300
English & Robotics Camp265

Funside Balaton Native English Camp

Native English Camp (4 classes a day)291
Native English & German Camp278
Native English & Hungarian Camp278
Native English & Sports Camp278
Native English & Tennis Camp278
Native English & Dance Camp278
Native English & Windsurfing Camp353
Native English & American Sports Camp278
Native English & Horseback Riding Camp363
Native English & Golf Camp353
Native English & Programming Camp278
Native English & Arts&Crafts Camp278
Native English & Art Camp278
Native English & DJ Camp313
Native English & Robotics Camp278

Funside Balaton German Camps

German Camp (4 classes a day)265
German & English Camp265
German & Native English Camp265
German & Hungarian Camp265
German & Sports Camp265
German & Tennis Camp265
German & Dance Camp265
German & Windsurfing Camp340
German & American Sports Camp265
German & Horseback Riding Camp350
German & Golf Camp340
German & Programming Camp265
German & Arts&Crafts Camp265
German & Art Camp265
German & DJ Camp300
German & Robotics Camp265

Funside Balaton Hungarian Camps

Hungarian Camp (4 classes a day)265
Hungarian & German Camp265
Hungarian & Sports Camp265
Hungarian & Tennis Camp265
Hungarian & Dance Camp265
Hungarian & Windsurfing Camp340
Hungarian & American Sports Camp265
Hungarian & Horseback Riding Camp350
Hungarian & Golf Camp340
Hungarian & Programming Camp265
Hungarian & Arts&Crafts Camp265
Hungarian & Art Camp265
Hungarian & DJ Camp300
Hungarian & Robotics Camp265

Funside Balaton Programming Camps

Programming & English Camp265
Programming & Native English Camp278
Programming & German Camp265
Programming & Sports Camp265
Programming & Tennis Camp265
Programming & Dance Camp265
Programming & Windsurfing Camp340
Programming & American Sports Camp265
Programming & Horseback Riding Camp350
Programming & Golf Camp340
Programming & Arts&Crafts Camp265
Programming & Art Camp265
Programming & DJ Camp300
Programming & Robotics Camp265

Funside Balaton Robotics Camps

Robotics & English Camp265
Robotics & Native English Camp278
Robotics & German Camp265
Robotics & Hungarian Camp265
Robotics & Sports Camp265
Robotics & American Sports Camp265
Robotics & Tennis Camp265
Robotics & Windsurfing Camp340
Robotics & Horseback Riding Camp350
Robotics & Golf Camp340
Robotics & Arts&Crafts Camp265
Robotics & Programming Camp265
Robotics & DJ Camp300

Funside Balaton Sports Camps

Sports Camp (4 classes a day)265
Sports & English Camp265
Sports & Native English Camp278
Sports & German Camp265
Sports & Hungarian Camp265
Sports & Programming Camp265
Sports & Tennis Camp265
Sports & Dance Camp265
Sports & Windsurfing Camp340
Sports & American Sports Camp265
Sports & Horseback Riding Camp350
Sports & Golf Camp340
Sports & Arts&Crafts Camp265
Sports & Art Camp265
Sports & DJ Camp300
Sports & Robotics Camp265

Funside Balaton Tennis Camps

Tennis Camp (4 classes a day)265
Tennis & English Camp265
Tennis & Native English Camp278
Tennis & German Camp265
Tennis & Hungarian Camp265
Tennis & Sports Camp265
Tennis & Dance Camp265
Tennis & Windsurfing Camp340
Tennis & American Sports Camp265
Tennis & Horesback Riding Camp350
Tennis & Golf Camp340
Tennis & Programming Camp265
Tennis & Arts&Crafts Camp265
Tennis & Art Camp265
Tennis & DJ Camp300
Tennis & Robotics Camp265

Funside Balaton Dance Camp

Dance Camp (4 classes a day)265
Dance & English Camp265
Dance & Native English Camp278
Dance & German Camp265
Dance & Hungarian Camp265
Dance & Sports Camp265
Dance & Tennis Camp265
Dance & Windsurfing Camp340
Dance & American Sports Camp265
Dance & Horseback Riding Camp350
Dance & Golf Camp340
Dance & Programming Camp265
Dance & Arts&Crafts Camp265
Dance & Art Camp265
Dance & DJ Camp300
Dance & Robotics Camp265

Funside Balaton Windsurfing Camp

Windsurfing & English Camp340
Windsurfing & Native English Camp353
Windsurfing & German Camp340
Windsurfing & Hungarian Camp340
Windsurfing & Sports Camp340
Windsurfing & Tennis Camp340
Windsurfing & Dance Camp340
Windsurfing & American Sports Camp340
Windsurfing & Horesback Riding Camp425
Windsurfing & Golf Camp415
Windsurfing & Programming Camp340
Windsurfing & Arts&Crafts Camp340
Windsurfing & Art Camp340
Windsurfing & DJ Camp375
Windsurfing & Robotics Camp340

Funside Balaton American Sports Camps

American Sports & English Camp265
American Sports & Native English Camp278
American Sports & German Camp265
American Sports & Hungarian Camp265
American Sports & Sports Camp265
American Sports & Tennis Camp265
American Sports & Dance Camp265
American Sports & Windsurfing Camp340
American Sports & Horseback Riding Camp350
American Sports & Golf Camp340
American Sports & Programming Camp265
American Sports & Arts&Crafts Camp265
American Sports & Art Camp265
American Sports & DJ Camp300
American Sports & Robotics Camp265

Funside Balaton Horseback Riding Camp

Horseback Riding & English Camp350
Horseback Riding & Native English Camp363
Horseback Riding & German Camp350
Horseback Riding & Hungarian Camp350
Horseback Riding & Sports Camp350
Horseback Riding & American Sports Camp350
Horseback Riding & Tennis Camp350
Horseback Riding & Dance Camp350
Horseback Riding & Windsurfing Camp425
Horseback Riding & Golf Camp425
Horseback Riding & Programming Camp350
Horseback Riding & Arts&Crafts Camp350
Horseback Riding & Art Camp350
Horseback Riding & DJ Camp385
Horseback Riding & Robotics Camp350

Funside Balaton Golf Camp

Golf & English Camp340
Golf & Native English Camp353
Golf & German Camp340
Golf & Hungarian Camp340
Golf & Sports Camp340
Golf & American Sports Camp340
Golf & Tennis Camp340
Golf & Dance Camp340
Golf & Windsurfing Camp415
Golf & Horseback Riding Camp425
Golf & Programming Camp340
Golf & Arts&Crafts Camp340
Golf & Art Camp340
Golf & DJ Camp375
Golf & Robotics Camp340

Funside Balaton Arts & Crafts Camp

Arts&Crafts & English Camp265
Arts&Crafts & Native English Camp278
Arts&Crafts & German Camp265
Arts&Crafts & Hungarian Camp265
Arts&Crafts & Sports Camp265
Arts&Crafts & American Sports Camp265
Arts&Crafts & Tennis Camp265
Arts&Crafts & Dance Camp265
Arts&Crafts & Windsurfing Camp340
Arts&Crafts & Horseback Riding Camp350
Arts&Crafts & Golf Camp340
Arts&Crafts & Programming Camp265
Arts&Crafts & DJ Camp300
Arts&Crafts & Robotics Camp265

Funside Balaton Art Camp

Art Camp (4 classes a day)265
Art & English Camp265
Art & Native English Camp278
Art & German Camp265
Art & Hungarian Camp265
Art & Sports Camp265
Art & American Sports Camp265
Art & Tennis Camp265
Art & Dance Camp265
Art & Windsurfing Camp340
Art & Horseback Riding Camp350
Art & Golf Camp340
Art & Programming Camp265
Art & DJ Camp300

Funside Balaton DJ Camp

DJ & English Camp300
DJ & Native English Camp313
DJ & German Camp300
DJ & Hungarian Camp300
DJ & Sports Camp300
DJ & American Sports Camp300
DJ & Tennis Camp300
DJ & Dance Camp300
DJ & Windsurfing Camp375
DJ & Horseback Riding Camp385
DJ & Golf Camp375
DJ & Arts&Crafts Camp300
DJ & Art Camp300
DJ & Programming Camp300
DJ & Robotics Camp300

Only available for 4 hours a day

English Drama Camp291
Music Camp300
Media Camp: Photography265
Media Camp: Filming265