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Age limits

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Age limits

Our camp has a minimum age limit of 8* and a maximum age limit of 17. Some of our classes have stricter age limits, so please be sure to check the table below for information before signing up.

* Regarding the lower age limit: a child is eligible to attend the overnight camp if he or she is finishing the 1st grade or higher of elementary/lower school in the spring semester before the camp. The overnight camp cannot be attended in a day camp form.

Age limits of our classes:

English Camp
Native English Camp
English Drama Camp
German Camp
Hungarian Camp
Sports Camp
American Sports Camp
Tennis Camp
Yoga Camp (New)
Windsurfing Camp
Horseback Riding Camp *
Golf Camp
Arts & Crafts Camp
Art Camp
Dance Camp
Pop Rock Music Camp
DJ Camp
Programming Camp
Drone-Programming Camp (New)
Robotics Camp
Media Camp: Photography
Media Camp: Filming

* For cross country riding at the Horseback Riding Camp, the minimum age requirement is not 7 but 10.


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